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My Story

It all began in my Grandmother's kitchen.

I have been in the kitchen since I was 6, thanks to my Grandmother's heavenly flavors; inspired by my Venezuelan background and after being able to travel and learn from the richness of different cultures,  I studied at the acclaimed "French Culinary Institute" in NYC.

Upon my return to Caracas, I opened my first "Wedding Cakes Atelier," which was a significant success. In 2013 my husband and I opened in Williamsburg Brooklyn, the gourmet sandwich staple "The Sandwich Shop," which had a successful seven-year run. The concept was a travel-around-the-world sandwich vision for flavorful and elaborate sandwiches. 

Now my focus is on growing in the catering world with a soulful and delicate offer of flavors that will give you a sense of family and warmth; I love to inspire, motivate and deliver happiness through my meals, know friends are enjoying together, entertaining, making it fun, relaxed, practical, and memorable.

I define my style as classic, perfectionist, eclectic, and warm.


Food is Love

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